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November 9, 2017
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November 9, 2017

Sexual Positions That Women Really Like

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Women and sex are always a perfect combination for men, but women also think of men and sex just the same and sometimes at an even deeper level. Yes, women are as kinky as men and the only difference is they know how to be discreet. They have ways to explore their sexuality and sexual effectiveness without being too much of a porn addict.

The thing with men is, more often than not, they think and act like a porn star. We can’t blame them. It’s easier to access porn these days and the sight of breasts and clitoris have become a common thing, especially on the internet. Nevertheless, besides knowing and mastering their porn-movie-like positions, men should also be aware of what sex positions call girls in goa like. To start, here are 5 sexual positions that women really like and why they like them:

#1 The Private Lap Dance


Some women like the feeling of being in charge, and so this is why the lap dance position is not surprisingly here. When call girls in goa are on top, she takes control over the course of sex; having the power to be in control is said to be a great aphrodisiac most especially for women. Although there may be two reasons why some women won’t like this – the feeling of too much exposure and her legs aren’t long enough to take control – there is a way to fix this dilemma. You can simply move from a chair to the sofa. You can sit comfortably, with her still being on top of you and she can prop herself against the back of the sofa while you either hold onto her waist as she does her thing or touch her parts. In this manner, you not only become more comfortable, but you can also be assured of a lot of screams of pleasure alongside.

#2 The Comfort Zone


This is also known as the classic, dependable-when-you’re-getting-tired-but-needs-to-continue: Missionary position. This position should not be ignored regardless if it seems boring for others. Not only does the comfort zone position keep you closer to your woman, it also gives you an opportunity to touch her in her erogenous parts – her breasts, her clitoris or both. This, in turn, helps her stay on the zone and reach her climax easily. Furthermore, missionary keeps you in control and other women feel more aroused with men’s power being displayed. The transformations of pleasure are endless and varying in this position and it wouldn’t be boring if you have the creativity and passion in doing it. To make it even more exciting, you can bend closer to her and whisper in her ear or kiss her passionately. You’ll surely get an even hornier woman once you proceed.

#3 Stand at Erection


The kitchen counter, the washing machine, the bathroom counter or even the hood of your car could be perfect places to do this position. You can simply sit her on the counter that stands level with your waist, then with her legs wide open or wrapped around your waist, you can penetrate her as deep as you can. This is one position that could give her a G-spot orgasm in no time. Good thing some men already know and do this because of its deep thrusting potential.

#4 Spooning


Probably because women love the feeling of being cuddled or warmth aligned with their bodies which is why it’s one of the top 5. Another reason that women love this position is because of the opportunity for your guys to touch her breasts or clitoris while spooning her behind. If you’re having a bit of difficulty with this position – probably there’s something in you that isn’t long enough (hmm…) – you can still do it in a different way. Have her assume a doggy position, hit her from behind and slowly slide off her knees – for her to be flat facing the bed – and enjoy the ride. You can also add excitement with you whispering how you want to do her while you’re at it.

#5 The Doggy Style

This might come as a shock to you but women really like the doggy style just as much as porn stars show they do. The only difference with this version of doggy is that as your woman bends over, you also bend over to touch her clitoris or breasts for more intimacy and passion. You can also pull her into a kneeling position while continuously thrusting her from behind. Once you’ve done this, you are assured of more moaning and grasping, making sex even more exciting and pleasurable.

Women, just like men, also have their favorite sex positions that they know would help them reach orgasm easier. This is why this post isn’t just for women to agree with, but also for men to take note of.

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