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March 4, 2019
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March 16, 2019

Score a Second Date with Goan Girls

Second Date

Who don’t to meet that special one with whom you had a perfect date, the call girl in goa you really liked. Now the question arises how to make that hot babe to ask you out again? How to score a second date? Following are some of the moves that’ll make her want to see you again.

  • Encourage her by thanking her for a wonderful and great time. This is very important step as a gitl is far more likely to ask the guy out again if she leaves with some clear signs that she is also interested in second date.
  • Don’t confess everything on your first date. I agree we live in tell everything culture. But talking about sensitive topics like anything related to personal hygiene, your ex, why your ex relation failed, or you still miss her is a total NO. This is a real turn off.
  • Next day send the call girl a text message telling her that you had good time yesterday evening. This will tell her that you are thinking about her.
  • Don’t show that you are desperate and easily available; men love challenge, so give her something to chase.
  • Make her work around you, surely you want to go for another date again that too as soon as possible but don’t be available all the time.

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