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Why Men Have Bad Sex

bad sex

There are a lot of reasons as to why women think that some men are bad in bed. Let’s just put it in a way that men would understand: women are simply unpredictable. They have their own methods of measuring men’s abilities, not to mention, these methods differ from every woman. In this case, men would either suck in bed and deal with it or try and try until they find the perfect way to please call girls in goa.

The reasons women have are fickle and too complicated to understand. They say it’s you one day then the next day, it’s them. If they think you don’t have the “x-factor” in bed, then you should practice…a lot! Or, you can do some reverse psychology and maybe, just maybe, have them running back to your lousy sex moves. Nevertheless, men should know why women think they are bad in bed. Here are 5 reasons why:

#1 The Two-Pump Chump

If it takes you 10 minutes or less to start and finish off sex, then it means she has not gone long enough and hasn’t been into it that much yet, so you either try to get excited again for another round or keep your nut butter longer the next time.

We know it isn’t easy to keep your penis from exploding especially when you get too excited as she undresses and unbuttons her shirt, then again, women take a lot longer to get excited and aroused as compared to you, so keep up!

How do you take your time? Simple: When you get the feeling that you want to explode inside her, pull it off, breath in and out for a few seconds – you can do this by assisting her into changing positions every time you feel too close to finish line – then dig in again when you don’t feel that much urge. It might hurt a bit but it would hurt more if your girl wouldn’t want to have sex with you ever again because of your T.P.C. syndrome.

#2 The Porn Star Wannabe

Women are aware of men’s porn fetish. Everybody, even women, at some point would come across watching porn. However, there’s a difference between reality and fantasy dude. You need to understand that women – real ones, of course – often want to make love and not have hardcore porn-like sex. Neither you nor she is a porn star, so stop acting like you’re “Rocco Siffred” and she’s “Jenna Jameson”. Do it like normal sex-loving couple.

If you have to experiment to spice up your sex life, ask her. Experiment with her and don’t treat her like a porn star that can bend over, take split and do freaky moves just to satisfy your carnal needs. She can still satisfy you without the fake “Give it to me baby” and “Oh yeah, come one baby (ugghh!!!)”.

Stop Before She Says Something Worse

#3 The Ugly Truth

Now, we already know how complicated women are, but it doesn’t end there. Women are habit-forming, hygienic individuals. If they found something that isn’t normal with you, then they would immediately lose the urge to continue. Women are easily turned off when they see something weird or unnatural about you.

If you catch your woman looking at the ceiling (or checking her watch) while having sex with you, then you might have let her see something or done something “wrong”. What’s funny about women is that when asked, they wouldn’t immediately tell you but if they do, you’d wish they never have said anything at all. This is how complicated women are and I’m just at #3.

#4 The Newbie

If you’re a newbie, women would definitely understand why you’re not good at it yet. Some could give you time and even help you learn about sex while having sex (which is good). Others on the other hand, don’t get it. They’ll leave you behind and find another chunk to have fun with. Nevertheless, it’s better if you learn as much about sex from reading (Kama Sutra could help you) and not watching too much porn. You can also find sympathetic call girls in goa who could teach you about stuff like this until you become a pro.

#5 The Break-up Sex

 There are times that no matter how hard you try to keep up with your girl, there just isn’t a spark anymore. Maybe you and your partner had gone distant with each other lately or she had gone used to the routine sex and does not find you sexy anymore. The point is, when you want to know if your relationship is over, you can just have sex and you’ll know the answer. It’s harsh, but at least you both had fun before ending it.

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