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Exploring Erogenous Zones of Goan Call Girls
March 19, 2019
Best Places to Meet Women
Best Places to Meet Women
April 8, 2019

Can You Make A Successful Date If You Are Not Attractive

Can You Make A Successful Date

A few days back a man asked me can he make a successful date at all. The reason was that he was not “handsome”. His features were rather suitable for a woman than a man. This is a question that many men face. They think call girls in goa will not be ready to go for a date with them when they can have better options. If that is the way you think, go and ask a woman directly what does he think about it?

The worst thing that a woman expects from a man is pretension. Don’t pretend to be what you are not in reality. Whether you are good looking or not is something that a woman will surely consider but not more than your personality. What matters more to them is how you hold yourself, whether you can be a good partner or not, which does not depend on your look. If you are confident and carry yourself well there can be nothing more attractive. When you find someone who had an unsuccessful date just ask her what the reason was and you will come to know that the reason was behavioral.

So just go ahead if you are looking for a date because your look has got little to do with it.

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