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March 16, 2019
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March 19, 2019

Kiss! Kiss!! Basic Tips for Kissing

Basic Tips for Kissing

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First Kiss is always memorable and will be the best if we have learned the art of kissing. There are no laws but certain rules that help, rest depends on the individual. No matter whether you are kissing under the mistletoe or otherwise, make your kissing experience memorable for both of you. A first kiss should always be done when two of you are ready and are alone. This will help to avoid any nervousness and embarrassing situation.

Many people think that Kiss is only on lips, but NO. Though Lip kissing is the most important, still don’t just leave kisses to the lips. Kiss their cheeks, their chin or their eyelids. This can be more seductive and romantic.

Basic Kissing Tips

  1. Most important tip for a good kiss is brush your teeth before going out on a date and if not possible then eat a mint or use any other mouth freshener. Kissing someone with bad breath can be the worst nightmare. But rememberdon’t eat anything while kissing.
  2. Soft and supple lips are the key to a long lasting kiss. Slightly moisturize your lips with your tongue, it will give pleasant experience. Say NO to – Wearing a lip gloss or very thick layer of lipstick, I am sure you don’t want your partner to have a sticky experience.
  3. Move close to the goa call girl and tilt your head slightly. If you can see which way your partner’s head is tilting, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction.
  4. Always kiss keeping your eyes close. Just before your lips meet, close your eyes. Some people prefer to leave their eyes open during the kiss, and some think that if the partner keeps his/her eyes open then s/he is not loyal. So, it’s best to close your eyes until you know what your call girls in goa prefers.
  5. Open your mouth slightly and place your lips over your partner’s lips. Do not hold your breath! Breathe through your nose. As your lips meet, press them gently over your partner’s. You may wish to move your lips in a slow, circular motion or just leave them still over your partners. First kiss should be soft and gentle.
  6. If you are very nervous then closed mouth kiss can make a hello/good-bye kiss or a great first time kiss.
  7. There are many ways you can use your hands during a kiss. You can put one hand on your partner’s waist and the other one against the middle of their back, cup your girl’s face in your hands (very romantic!), put them around your partner’s neck, put them around their waist, hold your partner’s upper or lower arms gently, run your finger’s through their hair, or just hold their hands in yours. Just don’t keep your hands with you.

And there you have it, the basics of kissing! Kiss is a natural response to show affection for someone and if done with someone you really care about it will make you feel on the top of the world.

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