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5 Tips to Get the Man You Want

get the man
Well, he’s the man of your dreams and you always desire to have him in your life. Getting the man you want is an art form, but if you play your cards right, before you know it, your wish is granted as he’ll be falling in love with you. So what should you do to make him want you and fall in love with you? Charm him by these few simple steps, in turn he will love you and think about you all the time.

Be Attractive

It is important to optimize your physical features and make yourself look best. Guys like call girls in goa who know how to take care of their physical appearance. Wear clothes that will emphasize your best features and apply light make up on your face. Don’t overdo it, as you may look like a clown or a whore if you wear too sexy clothes. Maintain your decent look and be confident.  Always remember wherever you go, don’t forget to apply a good scent in your body. Having a good scent has to do in keeping a man’s attention.

Don’t be Clingy

Most guys are turn off to women who are desperate and clingy. Men are attracted to busy and happy girls who know how to enjoy life and be independent by themselves. As soon you got his phone number, don’t call or text him all time or even track him down wherever he goes. Let him think that you’re busy doing your own things. Play a little hard to get and be mysterious. Guys love a little mystery, so don’t be an open book. Surely, he will keep on coming back for more, if you leave him things for him to find out. Let him do the pursuing and chase you, for you to find out if he’s really into you. Just give him space, time for himself and avoid being too obsessive. Guys love call girls in goa who know how to respect and value their time with their buddies, sports and things that they do during their leisure time. So, just let things progress in a natural process.

Have a Good Attitude

It is important for every guy that a woman should have a good attitude towards herself and other people. They love women who maintain their dignity and respect themselves. Having a positive perception is a major factor that men look for a goa call girl. Being an optimistic person is always good, as you always look at the bright side instead of thinking on the negative aspects of life. In this kind of attitude it gives you more self confidence and boosts your self esteem inside and out, which is a great factor for men. It only shows them that you love yourself and you are a loveable person. Being loveable, means that you know how to take care of yourself and your man by being sweet, kind, honest and trustworthy.
Make him Feel Good about Himself
Drive up his ego by giving him compliments on how he looks and in every nice thing he does for you. It’s not only women who love compliments, men also like it. It increases their ego and their self esteem. Laughing with his jokes is also a compliment for him; it shows that you are enjoying his company.
Be Supportive

Guys love call girl in goa who is not a threat or preventing them from their activities and interests. A supportive girlfriend is one of the qualities that most men look for a woman. They want someone whom they can share their activities together like biking, hiking and playing online games. As much as you can try to get involved in those activities that he wants you to be part of it. Try also to understand him and listen to his stories. Being a good listener is a big turn on to a man, because he knows that there will be someone who will appreciate and listen to his stories without any judgment and arguments.

So there you go patience is very important while waiting for your dreams to come true. But, you should also keep in mind that not every guy that you like needs to like you back. Guys have different liking and preferences. If the guy you like doesn’t reacts the way you want him to, despite of everything you do  just to get him, it’s time to move on and consider him as a training ground to get the guy you desire. Always remember that there are many fish in the sea.

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